First, I want to thank Bob for commenting on my article about the three John Gibbs to remind me that yes, I do have a blog! So I’m back to give you an update about what’s been happening during my two year hiatus and hope to continue to write more going forward. Famous last words perhaps, but I do have lots of topics I could post here if I just get disciplined about my writing.

So, to catch all of you up on my life, I’ve been working in the non-profit history museum world for about the past two years. It’s been a huge adventure for me, including creating my own company and taking on contract work for various history organizations. Plus I now have a “real” job in development for a local county historical society so my leap of faith from the corporate world a few years ago has really paid off!

As far as research into my own family mysteries, some of that has (obviously) taken a back seat to scrambling to make ends meet and finding clients. But I have had a couple of interesting things happen when I did have time to do research, including finding a new baby in my Natoli family, who unfortunately didn’t live very long after birth. Funny thing is my grandmother, in all the conversations we’ve had about her husband’s family, never mentioned it until I found the birth certificate. And then she said…well yes, it was a boy, I knew about that. So maybe an entry about the things we forget to mention is coming up.

Finally, coming up at my museum we have a Valentine’s dinner that is being catered by the Piazza family, who were connected to my Natoli family from waaaay back in the day when my Grandpa was a kid in North Minneapolis. Think 1920s and 30s. I’m really hoping that I can make a connection again to this family to spend some time with the folks that knew my grandpa who may have some tidbits from his past, or his family’s past, that I’ve not heard yet. Plus I get to eat the famous Piazza food once more, and since Piazza’s Ristaurante and Di Napoli in Minneapolis are now closed, this will be a real treat!

So, thanks for everything and let’s keep this conversation going! If you have any family mysteries or breakthroughs you’d like to share, please post in the comments! I would love to hear what you’ve been doing for the past two years.


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