In Memory of Tucker, the cat who loved us

Since my last post way back in April, so much has gone on in my life that I have simply NOT been working, thinking, or even dreaming about genealogy. Which is sad because for the past 20 years of my life it has been such a huge part of who I am and what I enjoy. But sometimes life kind of takes over and you have to set things aside for awhile.

The worst part about the past six months is I had to make the painful decision to put my faithful cat Tucker to sleep after he was diagnosed with cancer. He lived with me for almost 14 years and was my dance partner, cuddly kitty, and generally a sweet loving companion. When I first brought him home he thought the wall to wall carpet was heaven and he would lie down anywhere and nap. He learned how to ring a bell to be let out to have an adventure in the backyard. He used to catch my enthusiasm when a good song came on the radio and would jump into my arms to dance with me. He never learned to meow but would walk around the house saying “Uh Huh?” He could sit on command. He was a black cat with long fangs that would show especially when he was happy. He loved everyone and was unafraid of people. He was my Monkey Boy, my Tucky-Wucker the Lucky F’er, my love. He has gone on to the big backyard in the sky, where I hope his friends Blackjack, Harry, and Uncle Scooter have welcomed him with open paws. Perhaps he’s even met my childhood companions Spooky and Peppy the Poodle.

His life-long companion Violet, and his new friend Cece, miss him. Each cat is different and neither of these cats will replace Tucker, but then again Tucker would never replace either of them either. I know Violet misses him especially because she has made a point to cuddle with me when in the past she usually been a very independent cat.

Winter approaches and I’ll be back to my research and dreaming about my ancestors lives and experiences. But for now I choose to honor the memory of my Tucker by a few more weeks of silence.

Tucker got one last stroll in the backyard the day before he passed and I still think his spirit is within the catnip patch he loved so much. I hold onto that memory and I will miss him for the rest of my days.